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Our craft and insights has driven the innovation to redefine the food and beverage experience. At Drytech, we always help our customers to be ahead of its competition by offering the out of the box ingredient solution.

Research & Development

Drytech has its two R&D centers located at Mumbai and at our factory near Nagpur which continuously strives to satisfy our customers with its new and innovative product offerings and sustainable solutions. We believe in growing along with our customers through supporting them by providing value added quality products.

Our Research and Development activities focus on the new and innovative products and the accompanied processes which together provide innovative solutions that enable our customers to create values of their products and to respond to the global challenge in food and nutraceutical industry.

We have been able to provide our research support right from Multinational food brands to small start-up business and create sustainable food products.

Marketing Intelligence

The food industry accounts for USD 12.24 trillion market. With globalization, technology advancement and increase competition there is need to have the product which is solid and answering the need of the customers.

When it comes down to identifying the customer’s need, industry trend and market movement Drytech is the far more ahead in its league. With over 3 decades of industry experience we have help our customers to gain the competitive edge. We partner with our customers to identify the gap in market and need of the target audience.

Our Marketing force is backed by impeccable research and development team who collaborates with the customer to create the product solutions which are practical and sustainable.

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