Contract Manufacturing

The contract manufacturer you choose for your company should be worth relying on, in terms of quality, integration and technology. We, at Drytech believe in continuous innovation and through our cutting-edge technology we are one of the leading co-partners for spray drying of the vitamin and flavor encapsulation. We are a team of industry experts and R&D professionals who vehemently strive for perfection and possess an innovative approach towards new product development.  To its adjacent we also cater to:

  • Fully automated packing line for the infant and clinical nutrition
  • Catering to packing line facility that consists of 200g & 400g tins and 50/100/300 and 400g of the sachets with nitrogen flushing, Bags in Jar and PET Jars.
  • Catering to packing line for UHT Beverages
  • We adhere to global standard for quality and regulatory compliance to maintain the highest standards of food safety.

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