Tomato Powder

Being the pioneer manufacturer of 100% natural Tomato Powder, Drytech’s Tomato Powder has a crisp, ripe and fresh tomato taste profile. We believe in authenticity thereby preserving the flavor and aroma of the tomato powder intact. Our purest grade of Tomato Powder has lycopene content as high as 120mg per 100g. Our Spray Dried Tomato Powder can be used in industry segments of convenience food and seasoning.

Product Industry Segment Application 
Spray Dried Tomato Powder Convenience Food Instant Savory Premixes-Soups, Noodles,
Rice, Instant Gravy Mixes, etc. 
Seasoning Seasoning, and Dusting

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Almost 20 % of harvested tomatoes are utilized in processed food industry which is as high as 40 million tons.