Spray Aragum

Drytech is Asia’s largest manufacturer of Spray Dried Gum Arabic.

Over the years, Drytech has created sustainable sourcing network for the Gum Acacia straight from the “Gum Belt” of African Region. This ensures the quality sourcing of Gum Acacia.

Drytech converts these light golden crystals into fine Spray dried Powder for convenient use as a food ingredient. The entire conversion is done with zero human intervention to maintain the highest quality standard.

Our Spray Dried Gum Arabic Powder can be used in industry segments like Confectionery, Beverages, Bakery, Flavor, Pharmaceutical, Snacks & Savory, Dairy and Nutrition. We also manufacture Instant Spray Aragum which has rapid dissolution property.

Product Industry Segment Application 
Spray Dried Gum Arabic Powder Confectionery  Soft Candies, Chewing Gums, and Chocolate/Cake Glazing
Beverages Beverages Emulsions
Bakery Cereal Bars, Bread, and Biscuits 
Flavor Flavor Encapsulation 
Pharma Tableting, and Syrup Emulsions
Snacks & Savoury  Seasoning, and Coatings
Dairy Stabilizer & Thickening agent
Nutraceutical Low Calorie Food, and Health Supplements

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Spray Aragum are rich in solubility, viscosity and water binding qualities.