Fat Powders

Processed food is an ideal example of combination of science and imagination. To nurture creativity and bring flexibility in food products, Drytech produces Fat Powders with diverse range of protein and fat content. Unlike traditional fats, our Fat Powders offers flexibility and convenience to experiment and create unique food products to keep your customers delighted. It enhances the sensory profile and also improves texture, taste and mouth feel while extending the shelf life of a product.

This is only possible due to precision and high standards maintained during the manufacturing process. They are manufactured from fully refined deodorized and selective grades of different oils such as Palm Fat, Corn Fat, HOSO Fat, Groundnut Fat, Coconut Fat, MCT Fat, Flaxseed Fat, EPRO FAT, Soya bean Fat and Canola Fat. We produce fat powders with fat loading ranging from 24% upto 80%.

Products Industry Segment Application
Hydrogenated Palm Fat
Corn Fat
Groundnut Fat
Coconut Fat
Flaxseed Fat
Soyabean Fat
Canola Fat
Convenience Food Soup Premixes, Cake Premixes, and Dessert Premixes
Beverages Hot & Cold Beverages, Shakes and Drinks
Baby Food Infant Food Formula
Health Products Clinical Nutrition, Sports Drinks Beverages, and Health Food
Seasoning Creamy Base in Soup Premixes, and Culinary Seasoning

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Avocados have 77% fat in them but it increases good cholesterol and decreases bad cholesterol which makes it preferred choice for healthy food despite of its fat content.