Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic is a dried paste obtained from the stems and branches of acacia Senegal willdenow and it is regarded as the safest food additive in the industry. Over the years, Drytech has created the sustainable sourcing network for the Gum Acacia straight from the “Gum Belt” of African Region. This ensures the quality sourcing of Gum Acacia.

Drytech converts these light golden crystals into fine Spray Dried Powder to conveniently use it as Food Ingredient. The entire conversion is done with zero human intervention to maintain the highest standard quality. Our spray dried Gum Arabic has excellent purity and emulsification properties along with good binding, coating, flavor rounding, texturing and film forming.

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Egyptian were first to use the Gum Arabic. They used Gum Acacia as a binder in cosmetics and inks, and as an agent in the mummification process.