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Drytech manufactures and supplies food formulation ingredients to various industries ensuring quality nutrition and excellent taste.


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Gums and Hydrocolloids

In our range of sustainable food products, we also offer Gums and Hydrocolloids for the industry segments like Confectionery, Beverages, Bakery, Flavor, Pharmaceutical, Snacks & Savory, Dairy and Nutraceutical. Drytech being the largest manufacturer of Spray Dried Gum Arabic in Asia, we ensure the quality sourcing of Gum Acacia. We convert these light golden crystals into fine Spray Dried Powder to convenient use as Food Ingredient. The entire conversion is done with zero human intervention to maintain the highest standard quality.

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Fruit & Vegetable Powder

Drytech Offers Fruit and vegetable powders that are rich in vitamins, carotenoids, ascorbic acid, minerals and dietary fibre. We convert Fruits and vegetables into powder form so that they become easy to preserve, transport, store and use as additional natural ingredients in your food products.

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Nutritional ingredients

Nutritional Ingredients plays an important role in improving the quality and consistency of the finished food products. Also being useful in powder form as a dietary supplement, Drytech offers the range of nutritional ingredients to help improve nutritional features and enrich your food products with amino acids, creaminess, mouth feel and the appearance without losing its natural essence. Our Nutritional Ingredients can be used in the industry segments like convenience food, beverages, baby food, dairy, bakery, meat production, food supplements, health products and seasoning.

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Seasoning Ingredients

Drytech offers a range of seasoning ingredients that intensifies your food products without affecting its nutritional quality. We produce the most promising seasoning ingredients made out of natural materials that can be used in the industry segments that deals with convenience food, instant premixes, oriental cuisines, bakery and meaty flavor and culinary seasoning.

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From a finest spray dried Non-Dairy Creamer to a free-flowing Beverage whitener, Drytech offers a wide range of creamers for your food products. We specially develop our Non Dairy Creamers and Beverage whitener on basis of applications such as coffee, tea, smoothies, shakes, nutritional beverages, Infant food formulas, bakery food, fat-filled milk powders, seasoning, convenience foods, frozen desserts, and many more.

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Casein is an amorphous white solid with a pleasing odor that can be used in a powder form as a dietary supplement. Drytech produces 100% soluble caseinates that can be used as an effective emulsifier and stabilizer with good foaming capabilities. Our caseinates can be used in the industry segments dealing with dairy, bakery, meat production, and beverage and food supplements.

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Natural Colorant

Drytech produces and supplies Natural Colours to enhance the feel and appearance of your food products. We select the best quality raw materials to get the highest quality natural colour. Our authentic approach enables us to deliver you the best natural colours in the form of powders that generates beautiful hues of appearance in your food products.

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Dietary Fibers

With offering enhancing and seasoning ingredients, Drytech also offers soluble and insoluble Dietary Fibers for your food products. We believe in delivering you the quality and as far as human health is concerned, dietary fibres are an essential source of nutrition to our body.

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Drytech manufactures and supplies food formulation ingredients to various industries ensuring quality nutrition and excellent taste.

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The Brass Ring – Clean Label

The Clean Label trend is sweeping through the marketplace. Breakfast or late-night indulgences, sweets or savories, every brand, be it big or small, is opting to clean up their ingredient lists. Clean Label means a new product out of very few recognizable ingredients that consumers might use often at home. It promotes the prevention of artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals.

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Millennial Food Preferences

Millennials are the largest living generation with more spending power and a major role to play in determining the pop culture and trends. They are also known as the food generation. When they set trends, businesses quickly shift their attention towards the millennial culture. These young minds have distinct eating habits that the media and researchers analyze and follow.

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