Instant Fat Filled Powder
Instant Fat filled Powder (IFFP) is a solution for sustainable and affordable nutritious food. It is produced by spray drying the blend of the fresh quality skim milk powder and palm based fat. It is a perfect substitute for milk based powders. It offers the same convenience and benefits at a more economic value.
  • Instantly soluble
  • Cost effective substitute to whole milk powder
  • Fat content range – 28%
  • Protein content ranging from – 10- 24%
  • Milky taste profile
  • Readily compatible for dry and wet applications
  • Available in white & light yellow colored powder
ProductIndustry SegmentApplication
Instant Fat Filled PowderBeverageReconstituted Liquid Milk
Beverage Premix – Coffee & Tea Whitener, Health Drink, Milk Shakes etc.
BakeryBreads, Cookies and Biscuits
DairyYogurt and Ice cream
ConfectioneryChocolates and Soft Candies
Convenience FoodDessert and Bakery Premixes

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Beverage Whitener comprises of less than about 2% fats