Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Drytech’s HVP powders can be used to enhance the flavor of several food formulations by breaking down the vegetable proteins into their basic amino acids, resulting in covering as much as 20% glutamate in your food product. Our HVP powder is manufactured taking into consideration the natural nutrients of vegetables, its longer shelf life, precise pH value and accurate composition. It is widely used in the industry segments that deals with umami flavored products like oriental cuisines, meaty flavor seasonings and also in snack seasoning.

Product Industry Segment Application 
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Convenience Foods Instant Gravy Mixes, Soup Premixes, and Vermicelli/ Instant Noodle Seasoning
Snacks Extruded Snacks Seasoning 
Umami Flavor Oriental Cuisines, Meaty Flavour Seasoning, Breading ,and Batters

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Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) is produced by boiling foods in hydrochloric acid and then neutralizing the solution with sodium hydroxide.