Soluble Dietary Fibre


Min 90% soluble fibre (AOAC on dry basics)

Stable at a wide range of pH.

Bland in taste and flavor.

Cold water soluble.

Heat Stable.

Health Effects

  • Nutritional and health benefits of gum acacia.
  • Proven bifidogenic effect (Prebiotic effect).
  • Stimulation of beneficial SCFA production
  • Helps to maintain cholesterol.
  • Supports normal blood sugar.
  • High gut tolerance for up to 50g/day.
  • Low caloric value.


  • High fibre fruit drink.
  • High fibre Dairy products such as yoghurts and ice-creams.
  • Fibre enriched snacks, energy bars, etc.
  • Dietary savoury products, etc.